four, let friends to share their own website. Here you may not understand, I mean let your friends to your site collection, can be used as a QQ signature, then every three days update, so he QQ friends will see this website to advertise in the same way, there will be more people to visit your site the.

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love Shanghai faster, you can quickly browse through the "snapshot" page content. It is a snapshot of the love of Shanghai. The snapshot has a specific time, some sites are not a snapshot of a few months, some of the station a few minutes have a snapshot. I like the new station is currently a minute or even shorter time snapshot, I did not test the specific time. Give me the feeling of love, I love Shanghai more and more websites. Not much to say, here I love Shanghai to shorten the time the snapshot method, hope to help novice.

? , thank you for your cooperation!

above is my four love Shanghai shorten the time snapshot, we hope that the newcomers have to understand, write not good place Please add my QQ:1021360269 exchange. Thank you for reading.


three, the regularity of the chain. Find some weight higher forums or sites like text can publish the article, with the chain. I am a day can be a. As a part-time, not so much time.

in yesterday’s article " discussion about how to shorten the gap between the " web site keywords ranking first in Shanghai talked about love; then new snapshot, how to shorten the time to love Shanghai, love Shanghai more spiders love your website, this article will tell you the specific practical methods. As long as you step by step stick, can achieve the desired effect.

, a website page structure is clear, concise and neat. There are a lot of guest single page website, looks very simple, in fact is with the program set, feeling a bit messy, inside the code I don’t know how much junk code. Imagine a web site if there are a lot of garbage on the inside, Shanghai will love love to see

two, the website should have regular updates. I was updated daily for variable periods of time, then the provisions of their daily write the number of original articles, false original number of articles in a regular, orderly see into. This new proposal, the best do 90% original, so love Shanghai will soon love your station.

We all know that