on the Internet to see a post, the content of the post is to seek to the whole world, can work part-time on the Internet, and I have personal computer, the configuration is very good, personal computer application ability, strong, thank you, contact telephone number……… I want to ask you what you can do. Personal computer has a strong application ability Specifically want to ask you: PHTOSHOP, CORLDRAW, AUTOCAD and other graphic design software will do? Are you proficient? Do you have original creative ability? Will C++, VISAC, or any other programming language be one of them? Can I program independently? If you just go to the Internet, you can do the system, OFFICE office software, general network applications and other routine work, then you do not want to work online.

brand promotion with the old, in July made by factors of 500-1000 yuan

is also something of a technical type, the most important of which is the website. We need to understand how a website works and how to make money. In the Internet enterprise, the big difference is relies on the website to make money. Even if you don’t make money on the web, it needs a website as a tool. So, the website is a knowledge point that we need to master.

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a forum, a place to keep the members are many, but one very important point is that the section of the business concept, there are some moderators that want to keep the members have to send some attractive post it. So the early construction of some of the moderator in the forum to writing, racking his brains to code out some good article, or to other website, forum for some wonderful post here, that section of the posts a lot of popularity of the promotion effect is not obvious, why is it?

the members came to the purpose of the forum is nothing more than three: 1. to express their views on life, society, to work, eager to communicate with others. 2. to talk to our emotional loss, anger in real life, to express their feelings in life. 3. show your ability, seek out sympathy and empathy, and experience the thrill of success in the virtual world.

three from the above point of view the members to the forum is not passive appreciation, but to the initiative of communication and interaction. To put it plainly, the main idea of the establishment of the edition is not that you appreciate me, but that I want to appreciate you.

if the member to enjoy good article need not to the forum, each big website, the famous online bookstore, literary website on hot news, good post, innumerable classic masterpiece. The excellence of the article on the forum can not compare with it at any rate.

most people poured cold water on him, but in fact their answers were not correct. Working online or earning money on the Internet does not require very professional knowledge, and they are obviously too extreme. Knowledge must be needed, for on this earth, the rich are not the rich; "the rich are actually" knowledgeable people". The basic reason why they are rich is that they know more.

, there’s nothing else that you need to learn, and see more and sum up some experience…..

also need our business observation ability. There is a project that we can see how it works, who earns money, what products and services are offered. There is no essential difference between the network economy and the vegetable market. If we don’t know how this project works, how can we get a slice of it?

wrote this article, hoping to help people who want to make money on the Internet, :>

to be a happy and free Internet worker, keep learning, not much experience, and believe that we will become a successful Internet worker.

said here, we would like to be a free Internet worker, to earn money on the Internet to feed themselves, what knowledge do you need? The minimum requirement is access to the Internet. Is it easy to access the Internet? I think the Internet is not so simple. The difference between the Internet and the Internet is great. Some people in the decoration of space for glory, some people in the fight for the gallant Rong, the real network master to use a computer to feed the whole family proud, so look at the Internet network technology, know more about the Internet economy, electronic commerce, the network basic skills and it economic consciousness is that you become a prerequisite online workers.