on Peng Jinjie to talk about today, actually my previous article mentioned (specific site and case this is not convenient to disclose, can only say that this is a real case). Just at that time I just mentioned, and did not explain the specific operation, this article is to share it.

million guest?

3. chain. Daily recommendations can keep the chain update, speed up the collection rate and increase the record included and the number of the chain can be released to the home page and site map URL.

The benefits of

1. filler content (keywords filling). The online sale program is attached to the about 2000000 keywords, but obviously, this guest can do Taobao keywords (in fact, I do not recommend the use of these keywords do Taobao customers, after all, using too many people), because the theme of the site was not consistent, and the number is too much, too little for us it is no use. So the key words collection is the key, here Xiaobian to recommend a tool: Taobao data cube. A large number of keywords can be screened from it, but because it is Taobao tools, including 95% keywords screening are able to successfully call the Taobao product.

What is the

1. upgrade included, increase your overall weight;

many people use this program to do is Taobao – 200>



Taobao guest friends should have heard of a guest of this program, or to operate, it is a railway station in Taobao group procedures, mainly the use of Taobao alliance gold Amoy component taobao贵族宝贝 data, thus forming different pages. (the specific approach is to collect different keywords, and then call in the Taobao alliance to promote the taobao贵族宝贝 goods, through a large number of different commodity information polymerization to form a separate page), forming a different page through a large number of keywords, the love and the formation of Shanghai included the ranking, users can click on the website to show the goods to buy Taobao, achieve the purpose of promotion and formation of income.

website contains the principle of increasing

is the use of the characteristics of millions of guest, called taobao贵族宝贝 data to form a large number of pages, to love Shanghai included, improve the site included quantity. The principle can also see my A5 in an article "business website commodity attribute selection page optimization way"

2. through a large collection of pages and keywords collection, formed a lot of long tail keywords, and thus form a position to bring a lot of traffic.

2. uses SitemapX to make the site map is updated regularly and submit love Shanghai webmaster tools.


4. home page updated daily to keep (the background cache), so the search engine spiders to crawl more pages, can also increase the spider crawling frequency.