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, one of my classmates at Youku potatoes said that the Internet industry is essentially the ultimate form of advertising industry. Although this viewpoint somewhat extreme, but also reveal some business rules. Companies are the ones who want to make money, and advertising is the money to make money.

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is so confident is simple. Review of Chinese for thousands of years of traditional culture and social values, Han is never a mercantile nation. Each book huangjinwanliang like the concept of people, but not handed down to do business gene. There is nothing wrong with reading, of course, but few people realize that the ability to make money, like knowledge and technology, can also be learned, trained and passed on. Until our parents this generation, subconsciously think to find a stable state-owned enterprises, institutions, or take a civil service, and live a lifetime, it is business. Dad once said to me, "there is no businessman on our family ancestors. If you really can do something, you can fill the gap.". Very ashamed, a few years down, I also dare to say that he is the first doorway, for the money to make this technology, there must be awe. The results saw the rise of plenty of entrepreneurs, did not want to know how to make money, they picked up the sleeves blind, burned investors money, burning the family money, but also waste a lot of time, it is a pity.

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, when I introduced myself, I used the word "entrepreneurship" very carefully. In my mind, the word is sacred. I think all business starts from business. A profitable business is big enough to make a sustainable project; one or a series of projects will have a chance to make a career. I can’t take admission qualification mediocre, entrepreneurs, usually by products of self-employed status walk. Although the past few years did not catch any outlet, and did not get the investment, but fortunately self – sufficient to earn their own and daily expenses of enterprises. From this point, properly surpassed Chaoyang District 99% entrepreneurs.

, in recent years, "everyone is a product manager", has advanced to become "everyone is the boss."". You do not create a business, walk in Beijing, Haidian, Chaoyang are embarrassed to say hello to people. Just out of school or even not out of school young people, or just entering the enterprise working near the workplace rookie, all rolled up trouser legs into the entrepreneurial tide; some second tier Internet Co, owner of passion of recruit young people, these people in the company for a year, which also said that he is a famous Internet Co out, but investors face laughing. A famous Internet veteran, often recruit airborne cross industry prompted by a sudden impulse to give positions, a few months down do not score a word not just fired, that the company is rich in water crabs, it has become the Internet industry in Yangcheng lake.

when I was a product assistant more than 10 years ago, a senior executive of the company said to me, "the product manager is the most likely to be the boss, because the business is planning, operating, and even in all aspects of the enterprise."

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