2, encountered traffic bottlenecks, the boss.

is strange, some companies already have their own Shanghai dragon team, and they also come to us Shanghai dragon director professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, so far, our service has no less than 7 of Shanghai Longfeng director, their common point is completely out of pocket, and they asked us confidential. The execution is very strong, the execution is in place, of course, have all reached your goal.


so far, we do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has more than four years. We are from the beginning of the second half of 2010 to provide professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, is the first company to provide professional services in China should be Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.

, director of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, also do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services.

is the number one company, the responsible person of the enterprise, directly looking for us to do this diagnosis, most have the right to speak, can be directly finalized. They do not have the professional Shanghai dragon team, so we can provide professional proposal for their diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng company website, they only need a diagnosis according to our book, easy to perform, do not need to build the Shanghai dragon team.

in more than four years, we have done more than 2000 websites in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, execution of good company, the feedback effect is very good, even some website traffic rapidly by more than 10 times.

our service website types but we only cover and contain everything, regular site service, B2B, B2C, company presentations, local communities, game portal, recruitment and other types of sites, more. We also love these types of websites, because doing too much, for this type of website too familiar, there has been a "list of small hills" feeling, so these types of sites do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has the best effect.

3, to further improve the Shanghai dragon skills.

want to change jobs, go to the company for a better Shanghai Longfeng director, found that there are too many people to apply for this position, the competition is fierce. The boss of the company, let everyone prepare a company website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis book, a week later, take over, diagnosis who is good, who is the director of Shanghai dragon, well paid. The friend will find us, let them help.

two, Shanghai dragon director, why do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service

most of the Shanghai Phoenix director, looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the reason is: the company website traffic growth encountered a bottleneck, do, do, but the flow of this period of time is not growth, really don’t know how to continue to improve the flow, the boss is very anxious, very angry, want to approach, Shanghai Longfeng director wouldn’t have been.

1, Shanghai Longfeng director candidates need.