has been, relevance is the search engine to determine the search results are important indicators of the quality of the search engine to know your site and what is relevant, in the grab should put you in any category directory, which requires from the title of the site, visible text, black body, H tags, Keywords tag etc., but only these are not enough, A5 diagnosis optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) in this and everybody said that, although the import link content relevance and anchor text is relevance ranking algorithm and a very important factor, but the search engine will think that their own internal links or about himself. They flatter ourselves, credibility will be reduced, but if someone else is saying hello, it is more credible, if there are many authoritative sites link to your network Stand, it is not flattering but the most sincere praise.

as the head of the US every day to your site to increase the fresh blood, whether it is original or false original is to update the content in nature, hope that their new content can quickly be Spider crawl and put out a good ranking in the search engines, and external links is a spider crawl frequency determinant. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and Optimization in this group want to say is that the external link is stronger, the search engine spiders crawl frequency will be bigger, more frequent, can quickly find new content, find new pages, included naturally more quickly, if the weight of your site is high, it was collected page the ranking is not bad not to go.

external links is the cornerstone of the success of the website, it plays the decisive factors, not only on the correlation, and weight included and confidence is very important, more is a direct result of keywords ranking and search flow.

anchor text correlation is praised

a page, the weight of this page will be higher in general, which will make the entire domain weight increased, the confidence of the website is enhanced, if there are a lot of people say hello, want unconditional with your friends, first hand of friendship so, your reputation will naturally improve, the website also is such, when many of the sites are pointing to your site, say hello, give you a link, then your website will naturally get identity in its kind, reputation and trust will improve.

improve the spider crawling frequency increased by

external links for the importance of the website, believe each Shanghai dragon staff have deep feelings, according to statistics, website ranking factors external links accounted for 60% of the Shanghai dragon to more than 70% proportion, far more than the importance of internal site optimization. Since the external links for the website ranking has such a profound impact, following on from the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team and everyone together to discuss what is the impact on the external links of Shanghai dragon.

improve your weight and trust

The more external links