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optimization ALT tag

is the anchor text can be clicked and then jump to the specified page text, anchor text written, but beneficial to the user experience, but also can easily climb from the search engine spiders, writing the correct anchor text is short, meaningful words, words, phrases as anchor text text.

believes that as long as the contact site optimization or engage in the network editor knows the importance of the TDK tag, TDK tag is title, description, keywords, title tags will tell what is the user of this web page, description gives a brief introduction on this page, the Keywords tag is used to write keywords hope to show, "but in the ranking in recently TDK is mainly title, description two tag contents, so these two labels must be a good optimization, put their hopes to get the word added, the author found that many net loan website TDK tags are not optimized, even a title tag is used in all sites page.

anchor text optimization

web page optimization requires from the content, plate, keywords, layout, code from the aspects of adjustment and optimization, the objective is to make the page more in line with the search engine’s favor. Mainly from the following tags, text, links, keywords perspective on how to optimize.

reasonable use of Heading tag

web will appear in pictures, each picture comes with a ALT tag for the optimization is mainly reflected in the ALT label, although search engines can identify the picture, but still not as good as the text information is more reliable, easier to understand, for example, when the picture does not show the search engine will display ALT the label text information, ALT tag writing should use a word the meaning of their own website optimization.

TDK Tag Optimization

Heading is usually used to present the structure and the page of the paragraph, it is divided into six grades, from large to small in turn into the most commonly used, as in writing can create a small title, use the long tail word around the core keywords in small title.

and you said your website optimization internal pages, the author of the recent service in a P2P net loan finance website, found that there are many sites in this industry is willing to spend money in the promotion, but the internal page optimization do generally, have net loan finance website administrator ask me the how to optimize, in fact no matter which industry website optimization are the same, today for the P2P net loan industry website optimization are briefly introduced.

page content (article) optimization