second update web content. This is the most important thing, need serious intentions to do, first of all, the author mainly aimed at screening, today to write the first keyword keyword or auxiliary keyword secondly, do a detailed analysis on keywords construction articles, article can refer to similar articles related to the site or find out, then their own language organization, in the organization of the attention of the appropriate add keywords in the title, the article as much as possible to contain the keywords or long tail words, layout, content to provide strong reading articles as the basis for the user, and then several key points mentioned above together, here I remind you. Pay attention to the readability of the article, pay attention to the control of the user experience and the length, according to their different industries, technology The industry to provide the main technical problems and solve similar problems as the foundation, industry, grasp the industry experience and experience is the key. Do these articles included and readability of the user experience should not be too big.

it is well known that the website is to optimize the operation of each Shanghai dragon er must face every day, how to make our work more efficient, let our time and energy to maximize the use of, I think this is our optimization personnel must think about the problem and worthy of deep thinking, the author of the operation experience what is the author of several things every day, insist for a long time to do, and we share the hope that we can help.

first, the basic situation of check the site every day. This is the most basic work, maybe a lot of people are doing this, but we may differ, first of all, included mainly check the website last week and this week, or overall last month five months of record, compared to the trend that included and included secondly, change, check the website every day outside, the main platform outreach outreach forum, classified information, and the most important is the A5 soft Wen contribute, for example in the soft soft Wen reproduced every day to check their own circumstances, and classification of information collection, these are the basic work to be careful for the existing the problems and resolve them, not only to increase the number of inspection, found the problem is the main purpose of our inspection. Finally, don’t forget to check the site external connections, see our connection partner whether away our connection, check the snapshot of our connection partner, whether the server is stable and so on.

third, external connection construction site. The author mainly focuses on the external connection construction of the morning high weight forums, such as the A5 forum, push 18, laggards and so on, to go as the signature, ads connection. Secondly, the paper A5 A5 original soft, soft Wen contribute 1 hours about the time I spend, mainly want to own experience carefully written and shared, to ensure the quality and originality. To help you, to further improve its chances of being audited. The afternoon.