second, analysis of website content and the chain operation on data. Why do I want to integrate the content and the chain to second points and each.

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a systematic process, for different industries, different types of websites, there will be more optimization way, for a very simple example, large content, the station on the chain I also do not know who said that, obviously he was put forward for different sites in the process of optimization technique is certainly not the same, well, let’s see the gossip short continued access to the theme, because the author mainly in small enterprise website optimization station are in this respect according to their own experience and to share their thinking is how to construct the self optimizing system has the.

first, website optimization keywords and pre structure optimization strategy. Although the general small business station in the formulation of optimization of the difficulty and strategy on the station than the portal or industry as formal and specific, but before optimization, optimization objectives, optimization strategy is still very necessary to do, because the author in the early stage of a project to get the work done is sure to focus on. General site optimization before we begin to make effective choices for keyword keyword is usually called selection strategy, the author suggests that early rehearse their keywords that meet the industry demand, the more the better list of keywords. Secondly, with the help of third party tools such as love and love Shanghai Shanghai index search or Google trends continue to tap the relevant keywords. Finally, with the main keywords you choose to love Shanghai search home page analysis independent station number of natural ranking, observe the competition website keyword selection, on the basis of the main keywords for themselves and the company for investment of Shanghai dragon, combined with the above three steps selection of auxiliary words, auxiliary keywords and effective long tail word records thus, keyword selection should not be much of a problem. Here we analyze the strategy of website structure optimization, the flat structure, pay attention to URL naming, how effective keywords layout, navigation, the direction of breadcrumb navigation established problems I do not want to say before I also mentioned a number of times. Here to talk about the main structure optimization level of detail things, the author thinks that the structure of the site is actually between web pages and how to effectively link the user convenient spider. Again I suggest the best for each page to add links to every page related to related links so that you can attract the spider. The reading demands and can effectively stimulate the visitors on the same topic, indirectly enhance website viscosity is the most important time for after we do the long tail word anchor text heavy pages weights provide a valuable absolute URL address, so the structure optimization must pay attention to how the natural unity between pages together. The author mainly analyzed above and all the website keyword strategy and website structure optimization system, we then look at the following content and the chain is how to construct the system of thought.