6/11 started on June 15th, must be completed.


6/21-7/1 7-8

Improve the site comprehensive right >


6/11 started, 6/15 must be completed.

must be launched around the main part of the long tail keywords.

4. directory blog

1. long tail

the long tail of daily updates )

2.js code optimization

, a part of the internal

6/11 started

6/11-6/21 3-4

the long tail of daily updates

put a large number of sites using the JS code package in the form of call, website optimization code structure, reduce the spider crawling time.

first contact the site, the basic situation of out of order, no chain, no level, no structure, classification of out of order. 4 people team optimization. So far, three keywords optimization has all in the home, love Shanghai know in search of local information, we have been the screen. I believe you know that the word is not important, important is the details, because the business relationship, not to publish what is the word, is a medium difficulty keyword index is not high, but the home team are all operating in Shanghai Longfeng competitors are large-scale optimization. The medical industry, I believe we all know the difficulty, 45 days spent optimizing stable to the home page, the first page to about 15 days, has been hovering in the home and outside 100. At present, customers have withdrawn the optimization, so I put the optimization process to make a case analysis. At present, the network analysis of the real case is too little. We want to help.

took over in June 11th. By the end of July 25th, I don’t love talking nonsense, some assorted useless things, so I put the practice things posted, but does not necessarily apply to all sites. There are some little things to know about love Shanghai reputation. I hope there is a need of a friend, can also modify your case:


3. directory structure optimization

long tail

7/1 -7/11 is updated daily 10 article

6/11 started in June 15th to complete.

website is dedecms so redundant directory structure websites such as www.X贵族宝贝/a/11.html lose decreased to www.X贵族宝贝/11.html

does not need to reduce redundant site structure, increase the user experience and search engine friendly.

The construction of