2., flash and JS. First of all, call too much will affect the speed of the open web site, and the search engine does not recognize these types of code, for users and search engines, are not friendly. But do these sites are others, we only have to listen to people say, people are willing to get rid of the excessive JS and flash code, the final decision or the people.

first said under the structure of the website, I believe that every webmaster know the structure of the site more concise for the website rankings better. So what kind of website architecture is the most concise? Such as: the website is CSS and div structure of the page, and the page is not JS or Flash search engine identification code. Of course, many websites must appear, in the production process can not be avoided, so we only by streamlining the way to remove unnecessary parts.

outside the station, so today I want to say is the station link. >

1. I took my hand a corporate website as an example, the URL is not posted, so as not to be as advertising; the author use simple form structure about this company, a large number of page called JS and flash code, the navigation bar is open home even with pictures made by the author that is Speechless. We can understand the family business owners heart, want to allow users to see more of the company’s products and content, but you too much in a page on the display of your products, but will let users can not find the products they want, but its appropriate counter.

The Objective:


We only look at the past 2.

if your web pages fell with a large amount of JS and flash code, the author think it is not necessary. If your website content is too much, you can do a few pages, there is no need to omit these.


the Shanghai dragon optimization for many years, every day is spent on the internet. When it comes to the weight of the website promotion, in addition to influence the content and the chain what factor will affect the site’s ranking, the author also summarizes several views, below according to their own experience to share with you:

1. sites into the station outside the station and the station, which means that your page oriented link is your own web page links, outside the station is derived to others website links. Understand the station outside the station and the link, so we can understand the simple Google PR calculation method, calculation method on Google PR value is the same, the PR website, if you are linked more than others, then you will derive link weight than others, on the contrary, they guide you the website will link more than you do. There are so many people when exchange links will always see your outbound links more or less, if too much will not exchange with you.

Outbound links

page are not too much: