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second, website content not properly dull as ditch water. To the station for example, after a lot of new people into the enterprise, after a short training period, began to take over the site, especially the process of updating enterprise website news, because their products are not familiar with the, only through training to learn some characteristics of the product and industry knowledge to update the website as the source material, the the text is quite clear, readers after reading only to see some similar advertising products, and customers really care about things such as customer service service products, the difference between the models and so on these information cannot be obtained in the content, the main reason is because the text is relatively stiff, not in the perspective of empathy really help to the website of loyal readers. We think that the key from the user interpretation, for users who don’t understand what we can illustrate, the picture will be similar to the Taobao product details page for details that show, so as to truly enhance the user experience.

we know that many people are in the process of optimized website, many thorny issues are new in the optimization process will certainly encounter problems, the author thinks that the problem lies in our experience too little, so we have to go beyond themselves as much as possible and try to experience something more, I think at the following optimization problems, find out the difficulties one by one click will break off these problems, then the promotion of technology is in step by step.

, grasp optimization is not very good. Especially in the process of the construction of the chain and content, the content is one of the key issues, we all know that the quality of the original content is the basis of ascension website weight, the content we are able to grasp the good, but the chain I found that many friends can do very well know quality content the chain for the importance of website weight lifting, but not a very good grasp of the speed of the chain growth, even if the quality of the chain if excessive growth or decrease the weights of the website, but many people can not grasp the good, as long as enough quality large release will not affect the site weight. The problem is the first big problem troubled owners in the process of optimization.

third, only while ignoring the surface point. This point is very important details, especially many novice just heard that optimization is the content of the hair of the chain, in fact, this is only the two aspects of optimization in large, if we only from the details of these two thinking will not consciously into Overgeneralization situation, mainly because the optimization may involve details many, such as the website structure optimization, URL optimization, optimization of the three major labels, long tail optimization, there are some pseudo static and 301 page settings and so on, these are all we have to stand in the global perspective to look at the details of the optimization, rather than >