on the other hand, in addition to the above said, but also the foundation of the website optimization, website search engine to make the structure according to the experience, make a web page with >


of course: strictly speaking, this does not belong to the role of the chain. Love in Shanghai’s eyes, the website brand is much more important than the hyperlink to.

last week, A5 marketing share owners "is the question and answer type dry cargo first small and beautiful! Shanghai dragon quiz, help webmaster to create high-quality website", after the quiz content release response is very big, so this time I made some webmaster answers, I hope to help you master, but also hope that the webmaster to WeChat the number of public questions, after the weekly update a webmaster ask

answer: the following suggestions, strict operation.

On the other hand, if the


asked: now love Shanghai very slowly included in the new

3, Webmaster Platform check the chain data, all pointing to the page does not exist outside the chain to add.

: nofollow is a chain of

: I love Shanghai will have a the new study period! Do write quality articles and with the new frequency is necessary at this time. The outside chain can do high quality friend chain, a month can do 1-2. There is to pay attention to the stability of the server, if the virtual host, try to buy a separate IP.

site with nofollow, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love experience. So, you release the chain, then the chain that belongs to the content sharing, can obtain reputation. Moreover, quality content is widely spread in the website to get traffic may not be much, but if the content is enough, can also set up their own brand.

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nofollow is used to indicate the search engines do not track the link, love Shanghai in full compliance with the label, so it will not consider the voting function of.


asked: buy the old domain name to do a website, included released all the previous page, how to do

of course, if your website was drop right, the weight can not break through the bottleneck, in our side consulting Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 /zhenduan/ diagnosis of Shanghai dragon), to provide the most professional advice Shanghai dragon A5 marketing, to help you create a (search for love and love the sea are the users of the site, improve the site to ensure 100%) weight, invalid full refund. We continue to read:


2, find out the rules URL the old page, add to the robots shielding the rules page.

is able to extract the old page URL, then submit the dead link in Shanghai webmaster tools.