original blog writing

my blog is the blog wrote 3 original, each original are at least 1000 words, it is worth mentioning that, in order to let a little temptation spider, I blog is released in the form of illustrations, at this time I run a set of skin care network is a profound experience. In the same time, less than 1 hours with pictures and articles than pure text articles included time. What explains this? Spider eldest brother way, like Japs see flower girl as well, because the spider eldest brother mission, for the flower girl, he reported that much faster. In addition, in order to let each post can deliver more weight for each blog homepage, I finally have added the blog home page links.

three, "copy" of the original article when Bowen

, an open Sina blog



after the end of three the original blog, I thought I would start the release has not even on the Internet say fewer original articles "". But in order to let the blog earlier included, I still did not take the risk. The second day, I went to the Sohu it, I love IT technology network, speed transit network, Sina and other several well-known IT technology website for the new post, if found to have just released a few minutes of this I immediately.

often update in Shanghai upgrade algorithm under the condition of many of my friends have started through marketing for the enterprise’s own website, bring more traffic and orders. As a member of the big family of marketing, blog marketing has always been your love, I personally feel that the common use to write soft commodity information of blog marketing has not been able to fully exert the effect of the blog marketing, so I decided to make a new blog as a new website to optimize, and then use the weight the platform itself let me blog articles are ranking in search engines.

blog writing and writing, so to often use their free time to write the soft Wen to me, a few original article first is still very easy to accomplish. Some people in the post processing on the content of the May and I are not the same, they think the platform of blog itself high weight, to copy a non original articles to the spider crawling, simply do not want to treat a new website, to the original start. So this is some people blog has not included the reason. We know that the search engine has a sandbox for the new website, what he can use the platform of blog platform weight fast included? So in the search engine front platform blog like a new website just on the line, the only difference is the platform blog is like using a few years old domain name the.

usually use Sina blog more, I was the IT of our website in Sina opened a blog. The website after the promotional message allocation to this blog for a usually more love template I will start writing the blog.