first, "web plastic" is the best simple, flat. The website flat to ensure spider to the bottom of the page, the page included favorable. The website of the internal links to the most relevant web links can be, but also should pay attention to the breadcrumb path planning, it is better to ensure each page has an access path.

website is "plastic" website, such as a change of style, change the template like. But in this case, the search engine is probably will not remember you or to know you again. The direct consequence is that love Shanghai right down, then what should we do to keep my search engine, to restore the love of Shanghai re weight. Then the next Shenzhen private detective to some operational skills about "shaping" after the website.

fifth, the frequency of updates must be stable, just as a person’s temper, if today you told him a tomorrow is like a who is the subject of the ah. So, after shaping the website must form an update frequency, so the search engine will not abandon you at the appointed time will be in accordance with the habits of your site grab information. The best of the spider to catch.

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third, is outside the chain of resources, the chain must be of high quality. This is the key of "shaping" website. This is to attract more spider crawling. This is the webmaster do serious work, the best chain from the chain high weight website. For example, some relevant industry website forum, post, post and so on, these are very important. If the site has a large number of low quality of the external links, not only is no good, there may be down the right site


last note, we must take into account the factors of user experience and Shanghai Phoenix in the "plastic" website before, than a person to create what can not be exaggerated and good-looking in plastic before, but also allow people to accept.

second points, or we cannot do without the high quality of the original article, "plastic" after the website is needed to allow the search engine to know, this requires a process. We like to just know a friend, if your performance is good, the other will have a good impression of you even in your favor. So is the search engine, so, the website will be put out, and give high weight. On the other hand, is right down. So a high quality of the original article is so important.

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fourth, as a shaping people, friends must improve relations with friends, as long as they have recognized you, so that you can make your baby more easily accept you. "Plastic" after the website is no exception, if a high weight site and you made a Links, also be equivalent to your site cast a vote, which can greatly improve the impression of the site of the search engine.