based on the analysis, if we come straight to the point directly into the article, the theme of the advertisement company, said what business, company profile, articles, most of them are not included. This article is not included, the potential customer for this kind of article is not interested, do you think this article is not released, do useful work is what

as a Shanghai dragon Er, can say how many website promotion resources decide a person go far, as a good Shanghai dragon Er, execution and analysis capabilities are equally important. There is no executive ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er will only empty talk, talk can not become a reality. There is no execution ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er is like a bull, will only lower the head suddenly dry, no analysis of the effect of their work, often have little effect.

before taking a test of original articles made in the three Sina blog, respectively with the link anchor text, hyperlinks and text links, the test result is with pure text links to the blog included, others are not included. Although the results are not authoritative, but we should note that, if the article is as like as two peas released at the same time, pure text links or links with articles more easily included, here is to give us a hint with the anchor text or hyperlinks articles more easily search engine advertising contractors for the nature of the article, in order to reduce the possibility of collection.

two, link type

solution: the "circuitous tactics", make the article more "soft"


solution: the articles with links to moderate, the article only 1-2 the effect of the optimization of keywords is the most appropriate.

some Shanghai dragon Er want to lighten their workload, the release of the article in the Sina blog, often in the inside with several or even dozens of links, such as containing links to more articles, search engines can easily distinguish advertising from the nature of the article, and reduce the preferences, plus most of the articles is the pseudo original or copy came from other sites, so it is one disaster after another, the advertisement nature is too strong, the content is not fresh, if you are a search engine, I think you are not included.


I believe Sina blog is necessary to position the Shanghai dragon er the construction of the chain, because it is the anchor text, hyperlinks or plain text links can be arbitrarily set, relative to other classified information website or forum, we can be more selective. But we recently found that included the Sina blog is less secure, so we were the "relative" of a spider what

advertising too obvious .Four, the new

, the article with a link over

solution: high quality articles with the anchor text or hyperlinks, general articles with pure text links