for some small ways you may not care too much, but the user experience is like the above mentioned such a small problem is piling up, if you don’t pay attention to some user behavior, such as user browsing time, from top to bottom, or left to right, love is what type of search words, spelling or abbreviated words, these are the key to good user experience. If you are a careless person, then you may suffer some losses in this respect, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, must be a conscientious, careful person, but also love thinking, pondering it.

has its own website navigation, their classification, but the webmaster really noticed website classification problem again a few? Many webmasters may simply not think what to do what is in the beginning of the station, which is divided into several sections, but in addition the content of the website, just remember to the site and what kind of content and classification, and what kind of classification, in this case, the website classification will be very much, and miscellaneous, though, would you say this website classification is very fine, but the user did not find it so much and a little bit of your time, but the five article about the five the classification below for users is not necessarily good, and convenient for users is a more friendly way for the user experience.

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A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team was able to let customers website have a more accurate customer, is more understanding of the user’s habits, every detail of the site are treated properly grasp the subtle relations exist between users and website. If you >

you might say, you don’t just say, you don’t need to take the site classification is too thin, almost put some content together not good? This is the word, but you must have a degree, not to say what is not related to the content on a column. This user click to view this section of the article, the user wants to see is definitely associated with this column, and not a hybrid, therefore, after the website is divided, website in the add content to the selection of the correct classification, don’t put any classification, must be put in the classification the relevant section of it.

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study on the user’s behavior

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A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) often encounter some customers "why many web site traffic, every day there are a large number of user consultation, why failed to become their customers" such problems, in fact, this kind of problem is the most common, but also is the webmaster every day in talking about the problem of user experience, site traffic, with the consultation, ultimately there is no order, that is the user experience of the website, the website user experience why it is not bad, one or two words can be said clearly.

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