2. will participate in the competition, make a study plan, to the competition website optimization level points, point to open a rival site based optimization to view the competition website how, from the title page, the page is simple, similarity, quality, pay attention to link degree, and the weight chain were analyzed one by one.



is to understand the current Shanghai dragon industry competition situation, understand the business goals of users, make the appropriate location for the site of the current situation, the realization of Shanghai Longfeng marketing.

competition ability:

The dimensions of research and analysis of the 1.

3. will be a degree of competition competitive analysis, competitive environment analysis, the number of participating in the competition, with all the table list, according to the website (involved in the analysis of the first 10 pages) to determine whether it is new, what is the core keywords competitive keywords, view the degree of competition in the first 10 pages, the competition is large enough, it is necessary to analyze the the top 20.

1. for the analysis behind the user’s age, region, culture, quality, analysis of the consumption level of the target user’s thinking habits, combined with the data of user research, to write content for target users.


wedding company, this part of the user group to decide to get married, and one for which party may be the parents, then.

For example:

analysis on competition in the industry:

The essence of

analysis of 2. competitive value estimate, if the company is a Shanghai dragon team, the competition is very difficult, quantitative analysis of stand, see how many competitors in the domain name to participate in the competition, on the other hand is a flow of value, according to bidding analysis, but also with the level of the opponent is analyzed, according to the estimate value and flow, the higher the value the more intense competition.

4. competitors website promotion to support external flow, analysis, check competitors do a promotion which external flow.

1. competition website of Shanghai dragon view competition technical level, on the Internet 80% websites are bad, as long as do the site optimization technology, you can directly enter the top 20.

3. competitive analysis section of the web site is how simple, concise degree program, there are a lot of competition platform to change strategy, do research operation optimization of the right keywords, ranking the core keywords do not the same.

Study on

4. Shanghai dragon operation must be combined with the enterprise funds, manpower, team, these are closely related.

analysis of industry competition, competition is mainly those keywords. The website first analyzes the geographical area of keywords, analysis of industry environment and how many companies participate in the competition, the industry profit is higher, the greater the competitiveness.