website optimization should pay attention to the anchor text in the web site can not be too much, in an article with three anchor text anchor text is enough, too much will affect the user experience, to a certain extent will allow search engines to feel the meaning of the text is too deep, unfavorable for users to understand, so this is not conducive to the entry. In time the anchor text construction must pay attention to the amount, not too much, only need to add high quality can.

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website in the anchor text time increase, must pay attention to the quality of the anchor text anchor text, let the high quality bring assistance to website optimization, do not use the fault because of the anchor text construction site is in the way, resulting in optimization of time, due to improper construction of the anchor text and come to naught.

The anchor text too much

when the anchor text in the content, do not connect different words for the same increase. If the same two words in an article in the website, increase in connection time increased by two different connections, this will make the search engine spiders can not conclude that connection is the word of the true explanation, then adopt ignore feelings about two words, and then affect the anchor text keyword ranking.


in an article in two different words share a commentary, then the search engine spiders after seeing this, one would think that can explain the two words, this is bound to be. So in the time of the internal connection site for promotion if weight to a particular website, and the website in the anchor text many all point to this page, then there must be search engine optimization over discrimination.

connection anchor text

website optimization must demand website update, and update on the website will increase the anchor text links. Many people don’t know too much to increase the anchor text links in an article, also don’t add anchor text links to repeat the same word, but these people do not know why. In time increase the anchor text probably understand why don’t so to increase, after optimization, so it really know increase the anchor text of art.

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