I said he will implement the original Mars spark plan is not to say that it is not implemented, but that the original spark program thoroughly implementation needs a long period of time. In the webmaster school "to talk about the original project that something" in an article, "at present, through our experiments and real data online," origin "algorithm has made some progress in the field of news and information to solve most of the problems." If I understand correctly, meaning that the original project has already affected the news website, today I love Shanghai news search "Honda hit the downtown Jiyuan girl refused to apologize for the rich multi back hard, love to return to Shanghai, the following search results:


love Shanghai’s recent original spark program should be most affected by those carefully done station concerned, because the original love Shanghai project for those with master station to see a glimmer of dawn, their hard to write high quality original article finally have the opportunity to have a search engine recognition, their website also has a "rise head and shoulders above others" the opportunity. But my love is not optimistic about the Shanghai original project, had a friend on the Internet and I say, love of Shanghai’s original spark program will soon be implemented, our day is the end of the tunnel. I immediately said, he poured cold water, never love Shanghai is an angel sent by God to love Shanghai’s original spark plans to carry on Mars unless Li?.

from this map can see clearly is sorted according to the weight of the page level, and not in accordance with the release time from after sorting. In the case of the title of the content as like as two peas is not released, the sooner the more up front, but not the source of news page (original) in the first row. Reprint "Honda downtown Jiyuan hit back hard many rich girls refused to apologize for the news website" are clearly derived from the river, but the river network news ranked sixth. If LEE say love love Shanghai Shanghai original projects have been implemented, so the river network this news piece in the first row to row in the sixth, why is it


from the above analysis, now love Shanghai original spark program has not yet implemented, the ranking on the site before not have cooperative relations with Shanghai have some love, is a high traffic website. As we all know, the station is filled with their own websites reproduced from other valuable content, if the implementation of love Shanghai original spark program, would have lost large interests, and the interests of the station are generally tied together with the love interest of Shanghai. So I think that the love of Shanghai’s original spark program in a short period of time for those small sites do not.


we all know, if it is generally impossible to search users to search, "Honda downtown Jiyuan hit the girl refused to apologize for the rich than the hard back". So I put the search keywords to Honda said many back hard results, ranked eighth, as shown in figure