3, add the robots.txt file.

4404 error page add.

5 links using the absolute path.

3, the chain blog: each person must in each big famous blog, with male or female health such as the theme of the blog. The blog number does not require much, but demand a good. (specific blog list and a blog notes, provides finishing at work.


, the initial improvement:


took a medical website: 贵族宝贝zhpa120贵族宝贝, according to the website to write a detailed optimization scheme.

A few days ago

10, add Shanghai to share love.

(if there is a special person to write the best. If it is a collection of articles, articles about amendment 30%. The focus is beginning to end. Each article finishing 4-6 labels, placed in the middle of the article.

4, turn on

two update:

9, add love Shanghai webmaster tools, you can better understand the situation inside the Shanghai site in love.

three, outside the station optimization and promotion:

1, the first column to sort out priorities out. (which section is focused on the promotion, which does not require column promotion) and then through the nofollow page in the rational use of the focus to focus on home page weight.


update: key columns, updated daily articles 1-3. The non key column, a week or two an update. The update, conscious to one or two days before the update of the article in the chain.

7, Links module also added to the column (Note: column Links module with different specific page, can refer to: 58贵族宝贝, meaning to the site the following sub columns can also exchange Links.

2, website logo ALT add title tag and link. (many people used logo home)

1, soft outside the chain: the amount of buying some love Shanghai news source of the chain, both advertising effectiveness, and chain benefits.

column switching Links can be handed over to the chain to do, may be appropriate to relax. (such as cross disease, cross subject exchange, for the key column, it can be appropriate to add some links, proportional control.

8, the title changed to H1 H5 label label

2, Links: home of the Links surgeon who personally control.


6, experts recommend the use of dynamic random call answering module.