in our process of optimization, one of the most crucial process is the choice of keywords. Because the choice of keywords will affect the optimization process and results. Wang Kuan discovered many Shanghai dragon Er are just stick to several popular keywords related industries then ranked competition, results are often difficult to achieve the desired effect. So where is the problem? Is there what words can let us get? The answer is very simple, that is the choice of keywords should follow the user’s habits, but also not sticking to formalities.

: a local dialect. For example, for example, we want to find a word: "Shanghai dragon training which a good". In the domestic use of various dialects, may we target the keywords used will be different, such as Shanghai may use "Shanghai dragon training which Beijing people use" good ", which one of the Shanghai dragon training", etc.. Because the local dialect, language use is different, our keyword selection should make the appropriate adjustments.

three: typos. In addition to the above mentioned typing habits, our problem is the longer typos appeared. This we give a keyword as an example, for example we know that QQ has a service called "QQ diamond king", the search volume is great, but if we team this service is not very understanding, you may enter the "QQ yellow drill", as shown below, we can see this the wrong word every day, there are still certain flow. Because of this kind of words there are few rivals, so we reasonable use of this kind of words are likely to get a good effect.

then our keywords how to follow the user’s habits go? We all know our target users from their daily habits, the local dialect, the level of education, the influence factors of typing speed when using keywords. The author will use a case to analyze the influence of some factors.



as compared to the industry people, this kind of words have what advantage?

two: typing habits. Individual typing habits will also affect the different search terms. A search for "King wide" one word, some people may not switch the input method, can be directly into the Wangkuan search. Don’t say some typing less target users, even if some of us often typing content owners are likely to release this a case.

users get more accurate: if our keywords are some of the more wide range of words, then search for it are not necessarily customers, and most are peers or other relevant people, this I believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have to understand. For example, when many in Shanghai Longfeng optimize your blog will choose "love names + Shanghai dragon", and this.