second, website construction should grasp the law of every kind of step by step,


first, website construction should be based on the user experience, in line with the search engine of

but often, we give the website optimization when doing a lot of the chain, there is no one will stay down and think about exactly what kind of chain is useful, in the face of complex and orderly connection construction, unified only a good grasp of the website construction and optimization of the two, to each other with the tacit understanding, will be transformed into the weight and ranking above the natural increase. In order to obtain the favor of search engine. Why do you say that? According to the author concluded some suggestions on attracting network years of work to share.

according to the author’s experience, the same type of website links more help to enhance weight. But not every kind of, therefore, the diversification of the link, will be more real and natural. First, if you are good at writing soft, then you can go for a long time to write text, therefore, can accumulate a number of the same type of Web site links, can also link the establishment of different types or even related websites. The reverse link website can be ordinary enterprise station, personal website, blog, forum community website, inquiry platform, information portal etc.. These are helpful to our website ranking and. Second, "

link building should be every kind of

first, in the construction site, we do not blindly follow their own ideas to do. Why? Website end to Internet users of different countries and regions to see, they are the final group website. So, station under construction, we should listen more to their cooperation in the establishment of the company has. Why do you say that? Of course, the premise is because of trust, cooperation will. So listen to their advice. After all, people in this industry for many years, contact and done site has too many to count. Listen to the advice, then you want to do a what kind of website to tell the site, then, as you mentioned, they will be based on your ideas and requirements, design a solution for you. Because as long as you find the site is not personal, will be in accordance with the user experience and search engine rules for Yin you build a really useful website. Included in the site structure and layout optimization will follow the requirements.


has recently been watching on the construction site and the site optimization, it is not difficult to find that repeatedly after all is said and done, several problems. No more in the new topic. But in my opinion, it is not all that, in the rapid development of the Internet today, the webmaster and Shanghai Er often linked to the mouth of the Dragon: content is king, the chain for the emperor. It seems not so important. We had to buy links that the PR value too high to be reached, crazy, can not afford to buy the chain, is to go all the way around the hair of the chain, is in order to rapidly increase the number of links.