news source is many webmaster tried to enter the field of search engine is adopted, after all, even in the home show news source, can bring the flow of the site is very impressive, how can be certified as a news source search engine? Hefei talent network Xiaobian think so, for those small and medium sites. A search engine news source is particularly difficult, but the thought is included in the news source, on all pages of your website ranking, will increase the weight of the ordinary role, many practitioners began to think about how to achieve Shanghai dragon

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2, a reprint, copy, users do not like


said the graphic combination is the most conducive to the way of reading, so it is of course a little news, you need to pay attention to buddies, that’s what you collected pictures and news content must correspond to it, such as the news this year, with no related content is actually the picture last year, small series could no, not to mention the search engine.


3, where are you? The content in the

from the search engines for the principle of news content, usually will first select which items of news should be realistic, it mainly depends on the number of user attention and media reports to judge. Secondly to news content decided which website should be realistic, in fact, every news basically has a few to thousands of different from the website, and search results and can only display a selected review about the news, as can be imagined, the source of the search engine is very strict. To be successful is included in the news source, so you need to know about the search engine ranking algorithm for news content. Xiaobian collected a lot of data, especially those points are adopted to optimize the sorted out, hope to help the webmaster

a people living in Hefei, could not every day about Shanghai news, traffic information! So look at the same local news is better, so more credibility! Want to be adopted as the search engine news source, have to pay attention to regional /p>! "The picture information must not forget


we all know, the news is timely, so the new content in Vietnam have the advantage of ranking algorithm of search engine, so webmaster friends hand eye must be quick to do, good news, good news finishing.




too many webmaster eyes on the timeliness, in order not to fall behind, immediately reproduced in the past, but Xiaobian want to say is reproduced content often not original content value. The user why spend time, again have read the content? If you released the latest time, can allow search engines to choose, original content is more likely to be selected

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1, hand and eye must be fast