Legal Evening News this morning, Beijing City Consumers Association released the results of a survey of 18 reported experience hot electricity supplier website – 7 multi platform network operator does not expressly information or incomplete information, as well as individual sites on the 7 days no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

this experience survey selected Jingdong, Taobao mall, Amazon, Tmall,,, one shop, excellent shopping network, VANCL,,, Lasafo, wheat bags, easy fast network, SF preferred, pat Network, Gome online, intime network 18 home business website.

survey results show that 7 days no reason to return a success rate of 82.35%; before you sign to allow unpacking accounted for 97.06%.

at the same time, the website operator does not expressly incomplete information or express up to 72.22%; the network operators did not provide invoices accounted for 55.88%; there are individual sites on the 7 days no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

Association said that the new "law" in addition to the provisions of 4 commodity Na seven days no reason to return, it also provides other commodities according to the nature and recognized by consumers should not return the purchase of goods, does not apply no reason to return". Part of the electricity supplier companies are hereby specified to expand the scope of special goods, the provisions do not support no reason to return.

In all 36

consumer experience, whether applied no reason to return to "express 24 times, accounting for 66.67%; not found on whether it applies no reason to return" one to one "express 12 times, accounting for 33.33%.

is the so-called "one to one" express, is in the commodity sales page indicate whether this product is suitable for no reason to return.

experience also found that and other shopping sites also suspected of propaganda inconsistent with the actual problem.

City Association exposure part of the electricity supplier website

Wheat bags:

activities defined by special offer goods, such as no quality problems, does not support the return of

Lasafo: sales area of the packaging is damaged goods clearance, near valid goods, clearing dumped goods merchandise, not to return

Amazon: the special commodity to make a sign, not to return, the provisions of

example exposure intime network return policy points 3 links to find

the experience of the 18 shopping sites, the 7 days no reason to return and other policy returns are more general, easily lead to controversy in consumption.

City Consumers Association, how to identify the goods in good condition and does not affect the two sale, the majority of shopping sites are more general statements or vague. Only, Tmall, pat Network, the United States and a few other online shopping sites in the return policy, according to the definition of "commodity classification does not affect the two sale" of the rules, and easy fast network, shopping network.