love Shanghai launched a number of products, including Post Bar, know, Wikipedia, blog, experience, these are all good promotion webmaster, indeed, if a good grasp, the website weight by leaps and bounds, if done well, is dangerous. I love Shanghai to several products to do a detailed analysis.

everything has two sides, grasp the furnace is used, heat did not grasp the side effects, nuclear power can serve the people, for the people and the destruction of power, and people, to make an atomic bomb. This product is also love Shanghai, we all know that love Shanghai’s own product promotion high weight, so many people keen to love the products of Shanghai, only to see the use, see no harm, wanton hair of the chain, do promotion, website ranking structure is getting worse today, surfing the web to share with the pros and cons of love Shanghai product promotion site.

after the detailed test and research, the author found that love Shanghai delete a Q & a product link, has certain influence to the website weight. Love the sea at the beginning or easy to remove the first question of the link is not affected, remove the second quiz links, start right down, but the rate is relatively small, show the keywords ranking began to decline, delete more right down the bigger, so questions promotion time, do a line, don’t do a dozen, to seriously question and answer, if it is the love of Shanghai will do things carelessly, delete your question, a very large impact on the website weight.

love Shanghai know more sides, love Shanghai know that weight is more high, can the chain, website promotion, can play the brand, interactive promotion, customer more convincing. It is a little difficult, more and more strict audit. The relationship between love Shanghai ask audit and account close below the three level account audit is very strict, more than four accounts have not audit, so sex Shanghai Q & a promotion is very convenient, but don’t be greedy, greed is terrible consequences. I tested high Q & a account, sometimes love Shanghai time did not submit the audit or audit, but later, this caused by after the deletion, so very great harm. First, the chain is not stable, we all know that love is wonderful products in Shanghai included, you answer very quickly by the love of Shanghai included, over a period of time has been deleted, a dead link, the chain life cycle is too short, the website optimization is bad.

talk about love Shanghai encyclopedia, the encyclopedia chain weight did not answer, because love Shanghai more content > General Encyclopedia

love Shanghai Post Bar chain, it is relatively easy, generally will not be deleted, if done well, is generally not that love Shanghai does not give you the chance to show that the author believes that the move to prevent cheating, to minimize the side effects. If the reality, generally will not be deleted. Site optimization chain construction is not only the pursuit of more included, the pursuit of quality, the chain widely degree, so I think that love can do a few Post Bar Shanghai, long the effect is not obvious.