also spit Tucao today, made more than three years of Shanghai Longfeng work, now you think I do not know how to optimize the site. With the discovery of society and constantly upgrade the trend of the Internet, search engines also conduct their own upgrade since 2012 Chinese search engine began to enter into a new period of development, Shanghai love in a pure new algorithm to calculate natural ranking search engine. Want to exchange two or three years ago, Links, mainly to see how the PR value of the site, and included how, now? If only those large website PR value of the site and do international trade value, for the Chinese search engine, more people value is included in the site, and whether the weight of the website snapshot quite. With the further development of the search engine, now even the search engine doesn’t feel what help much of the site. Since it is the Tucao since I started to work on the Shanghai dragon makes some summary and retrospection of


entering the Internet, I believe that everyone is in a heart than the sea, such as gas strong, but after several years of training, and felt his heart like gas, such as silk, always at the bottom of the web site. Shanghai dragon is the inevitable product of the development of the Internet age. Since the Chinese search engine, search engine optimization industry began to appear, remember three years ago, the search engine optimization is much easier than it is now. In 2009, only to release the chain, and the search engine changes little for keyword competition, a lot of very high index words, is also very easy to optimize. Black hat, grey hat Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is in this period began to rise, to 2010, Shanghai dragon industry has flourished in the medical industry, the Shanghai based dragon team began to set up and develop, then want to optimize a good website, as long as you can remember two things "content is king, the chain for huang". This is the current situation at that time.

now this sentence, also less heard. 2010, to optimize a website, other do not say, as long as the chain you enough, your website content even the readability of pseudo original, it is Never mind, love Shanghai will still be included in your website. As long as you have enough of the chain can be. This period is considered to be the chain search engine era, the rank of the website, a website is good, most of the evaluation is based on part of the chain. Also the rise of a majority of Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon master expert at this time, because this time, as long as there is enough money, as long as there are sufficient staff support, relative Shanghai dragon industry, it will be very good. This occupation also appeared the chain Commissioner in this period, the Commissioner of the chain is mainly responsible for the enterprise to the website chain, greater scope to do external links. During this period the link is not black or grey chain chain, but it also has certain punitive measures, but the punishment basically not too much to do with. Want to restore the site, as long as the site of the title change, "