reference title keyword description

novice webmaster in determining keywords always seemed wobbly, can be seen with keywords is the trend of concern but not allowed to draw, Title Keyword description for the website plays an important role in the development direction of a general description of attention to the correct attitude, but the general scope will learn from the mature operation site if the use of the station yihuhuhuapiao station or as high as the weight of popular keywords Sina NetEase are not so complete keywords and description, the station hit is absolutely devastating, reference is the essence of imitation station select key ideas, combined with the stage of development of the site and the actual investment choice.

from the stack keywords

Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon strategy is only one, she was standing on, because she is the webmaster from optimization promotion program Adsense with his unique understanding and practical operation process summed up for reference sites, not copy.


is a solid foundation for development of the original site, one of the optimization work is that you have to do is have a headache, when asked how the original articles in the station owners, are advised to find online, to mention the one or two barrels of water so much is an easy job to do from the vast sea of the Internet, but bitter seawater can irrigate the site? So webmasters start thinking, create the collection tools, other webmasters also suit a kind, so a lot of garbage station was born, the Internet do not need to repeat the contents of copy, reference should be how to create original content to write their own ideas? How to write how to write can attract readers? How to attract readers to contribute?……

A lot of methods

believe most of the webmaster is to know the stack keywords in Shanghai love seems to belong to cheating, but many owners see in practice some sites rely on a large number of stack keywords to get a good ranking, let the iron bubble before that plan, then try to shake the stack keywords…… The consequences of good, as can be imagined, stack keywords belong to cheat is the fact that the stack keywords is obtained in the rankings, but these webmaster have short-term profit plan and other purposes will be aware of the tiger undeterred, enough firm owners can easily be misled by false appearances, go astray.

Kong Yiji said reading people stealing is not stealing, is borrowed, when the copy operation is called copy, called the reference, of course I did not come with us, but many webmaster but because of the wrong understanding of the text and the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in theoretical study and practical operation process often need to learn, learning is definitely not a simple copy, is to get the effective theory and routine on the basis of analysis for each site, and then combined with the actual situation of the site. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon can draw lessons from it, but the simple copy cup is no longer a minority.