later, the author summed up the look, yesterday I was changed under the site keywords, are changed to some ranking keywords, a keyword is at the beginning of the scrawl. From the keyword ranking, now a lot of keyword ranking, a method of calculation of the flow of Shanghai love this is perhaps the CZ webmaster tools, see keyword ranking. Here, I thought, how to write words not much, in fact, this is a mistake, do not think that key words can make up on the line, in fact you use Adsense tools to check on the know.

I have talked about in the first place, if you have several keyword rankings, then check out information from Shanghai love traffic sources will increase, but actually the love from Shanghai IP did not increase, this is perhaps one of the shortcomings of webmaster tools. But I think if you write keywords are written with ranking >

Links, the webmaster habits will check with the webmaster tools, and with more than CZ is the webmaster tools, for example, look at the website traffic, website ranking and keyword recording and snapshot etc.. However, today I want to tell you is that you don’t be fooled webmaster tools, take a stand on my own it, today with CZ webmaster tools to check, love Shanghai more than 43 traffic sources, but you love to see Shanghai log statistics, found from the sea to fall in love with only a few IP. Why did this happen?

Shanghai dragon


for Shanghai dragon in the Shanghai dragon, personal feeling Chinese ER who is happy, because of Shanghai Longfeng condition have a website, we as long as a Shanghai Phoenix webmaster tools to check, all know, love Shanghai in the first row of the search tool is Shanghai dragon home station Shanghai dragon webmaster tools, so, whether it is Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon practitioners, amateur, people should use the tool number is relatively large, others dare not say any, I have used this tool to check the website of Shanghai dragon of every day, and for the traffic to the site, believe that the webmaster for the more love Shanghai statistics. Some of the problems with CZ webmaster tools below the author from personal website optimization of an enterprise over time to give you some explanation.

, CZ webmaster tools is how to calculate the love Shanghai traffic sources

yesterday I checked or love Shanghai traffic sources 10, today why so many


practitioners should do every day is to check your site keywords ranking, website traffic status, of course, maybe you are not every day to check the relevant keywords ranking, for Shanghai Phoenix, your situation is to understand every day.

two, Shanghai traffic sources in Webmaster Tools in keyword ranking plays an important role for