two: we want to know.


: Shanghai dragon is a tool for us to use this tool to be convenient to see if we have reasonable to use, not to use within the scope of the rules.

, we spent a lot of time to follow the above, on the understanding of the rules, Shanghai dragon on how to do not understand. So most of the time doing. So I hope you pay attention to several points here:

I think most of the webmaster have to seriously study the rules of each search engine, each update of the content is to understand, in others love Shanghai updates the new algorithm, we should do it now. All right。 We will do so. Remember, to optimize your web site: why don’t you go to study? Why "


why is this the case? Is part of the reason a lot of others, others say what we do. However, stationmaster people forget that others may not be suitable for is suitable for us! What we do is for what? Just follow others said, we just do it? Everything we do is to cater to the search engine, so why not take a little time to understand the rules of search engine

because Shanghai Longfeng entry is relatively easy, is to optimize the webmaster can be some of the direction of Shanghai Longfeng for their site, now online there are too many Shanghai dragon tutorial, there are a lot of so-called experts. But the stationmaster whether they have a clear understanding of their own? We do not have their own professional team, no technical consultants, experts can only refer to online way to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we do not know why, do so in the end to our website can bring much benefit? Some optimization in fact most of us do follow the trend may be no effect.


talk about the example of my own, I also like the time to start the Shanghai dragon, others say how do I go to do, the chain is very important to say, in fact I was outside the chain, and even what is the chain? What is the role I have not understand, only know some bring your own links to websites in various forums, Post Bar. Then someone said, the quality of the chain is the most important, to send some outside the chain of high quality. But I do not know what is outside the chain of high quality. How to send? And some people say that the original article is the most important, so I began to write the original article brains. The original article is very important, but we wrote the original article may have come to nothing. If your website is good, that is the original article, if not good? Before you have not included others to copy, it is not the original article. We have to think about how to write original articles related keywords in the original article, how to appropriately add some within the chain? No, No. So most of the time may be futile.