three, common correlation

and anchor text: add a hyperlink in the keyword.

Shanghai dragon, believe a word with the Internet business you should know, today is the age of the Internet, more and more traditional companies are beginning to join the ranks of Internet promotion, Shanghai Longfeng recruitment professionals is also facing great gap, master of Shanghai Dragon technology, looking for a job is also an advantage.

the internal links: also known as internal links (A pages link to B page

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, a key noun lexical category

site map: map is divided into static and dynamic map, a web page contains links to all the pages.

3: popular keywords search volume, competition of words. (indicating that a lot of people in the competition the key words, the most basic judgment is based on relevant search results retrieved page number)

website weight: refers to the third party website to vote, you can query in Webmaster tools.

two, link NOUN


site navigation website: top menu.

the wrong link: non-existent links. (the input error will lead to

Shanghai dragon is a very important and effective for the website ranking and optimization, even if their own businesses, through the Shanghai dragon, can get more traffic to their website or personal brand, can greatly reduce the cost of entrepreneurship.

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the back link: anchor text links back to the home page.

dead link: as the name suggests, previously existing links, then the path changed, resulting in not open link.

want to participate in some subjects, the target word website ranking. For example, your website is about Shanghai dragon, then the "Shanghai dragon" is the site keywords.

the popular keywords: search less than 500 thousand words.


related domain: domain related content includes website.


today Guangzhou laomai to summarize some common nouns in Shanghai Longfeng explanation, I hope to help you.

keyword density: This is the webmaster tools for data, does not require special attention.

Key words: The

spam links: search engines determine no substantive value link, the link has no value, is redundant, the interference of the site. (possibly including inside and outside the chain chain)

: This is the long tail keywords based on short words, including the search volume subject relatively small expansion of the word. Such as "Shanghai dragon is what", "Shanghai dragon which is good".