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in our Shanghai dragon industry indeed on the contrary, there is no grasp of the heat, just blindly pursue the ranking. That has ranked what has been, in fact this is a

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will be likened to a Shanghai dragon art, is not too much, but we will distort reality, just think to write articles and send the chain. Why would Shanghai dragon and cooking together, that they have in common: for our customers. Shanghai dragon as art to look at, we will not stay in the realm of the initial stage, we will create a "art", let the user get the enjoyment of beauty.

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is cooking the raw materials, we need seasoning, seasoning to taste a dish to perfection. Our website content as "seasoning", can we mobilize the largest user’s appetite, according to different users, different writing articles, we can attract users. When in cooking, seasoning appropriate only a good cook can master, we are in the website optimization. What kind of articles written, what tips, you need a good editor.

chef cooking a delicacy, will spend a lot of time, from the selection of raw materials, to the ingredients, and then eventually presented to the diners eat. This process as we optimize the website, as long as the heart, our website will be our customers. Optimize the site every means such as cooking in the fuel, the use of appropriate benefits, in order to make the site.

everything is ready, are known, it would need to be a good cook". Hard to do, only days and months multiplying, sincere love to do such a thing to be a good cook". We optimize the site is not so? Will your site to each dish, we are not in your "food" by the user to eat a feel good, but also to the next.

stable space, good site procedures, as in cooking in the raw material, only the good choice of material is to do a dish based. We optimize the space and site program website is the foundation to ensure the stability, only after the site will not be a problem, the user will not have access to. Most diners love is according to their own preferences to choose their own things to eat, but also in the internet.

do a delicacy, with raw materials and ingredients, but they don’t know what is on how many grams of appropriate, that you can’t do delicacy. Our website optimization is also so, the chain is not in now is not the more the better, but the quality of master. Vote chain one can let us have a good website ranking, we only do the appropriate benefits, to make this dish "delicious cooking".