webmaster know the static page relative to the dynamic page, good points included. Good website structure optimization is to let the website to be indexed by search engines, increase traffic, and ultimately achieve high rankings, high conversion rate to. 1, reduce the directory storage depth of the website; the website can express the meaning behind it. Less level directory and easier for the user to remember; 2, increase the number of links between pages; if the page is important, we can do relatively more links to other pages. To the front page of the site as an example, can add links to the home page, making more links to other pages, each page to the search engines; 3, reduce the depth of links between pages; whether it is between the page and the main page, or important pages and ordinary pages, increasing the number of links between pages. You can reduce the depth of links between pages. As long as there is a lot of internal website page links point to an important page, can make the page search engine can be quickly and conveniently included, thus increasing the page link weight.