first, optimize the independent blog itself. An independent blog to on-line, it should be from the website template, website program, the domain name of the website, the website space started, these aspects need to be optimized, the website can formally launched operations. Website template to use simple and easy for the public to accept the template, not smallpox whistle, not too bright and dark color. The program design of the site should also take into account the website optimization, code optimization is necessary, many of the old station on the site has not need to change the site code when a new improvement. The domain name URL website is the website keywords, the theme and the main products of the alphabet, or the name of the enterprise, so it is easy for people to remember. Site space to use stability, access speed, independent of IP, improve the host taking regular customer service, a host, as bloggers use ixwebhosting host, it has Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝, which is the main reason for the selection. So the site in front of the line, the ability to optimize the site is not less than.

again: the chain optimization independent blog. The chain of independent blog how to optimize the source of the chain, can be friends in the chain, can be from the article was reproduced in the website can be soft, can give independent blog to get BSP in the blog… The chain chain is not very.

webmaster every day to your site looking for different optimization methods, a BSP blog, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, even with the most popular micro-blog promotion, although micro-blog is a link in the not very good conversion to the website, but micro-blog optimization can improve the visibility of the site independent blog promotion, many methods. Every day to day and night doing optimization, in order to allow search engines to visit their website, the website can have a good ranking. Today to share the website optimization of independent blog optimization.

second: optimize the independent blog content. Independent blog blogger to communicate something more, unlike the BSP blog is used to keep the chain, original things, bloggers things will be less points. But for the independent blog blog content construction is very important. When the user wants to find their own blog to want to learn from your blog, bloggers are stingy if not sharing their combat skills, users do not often come to your blog, now independent blog competition is very powerful, with a popular keywords, there will be a lot of bloggers competition. So the independent blog content is the most simple way to retain users. To blog PR, the webmaster to share their experience, tutorials, veteran experience, do not write their own diary often, and other related keywords complaining blog article, your mood did not estimate the number of users will be very interested in. You can come to this message is also attractive, good blog will be subscription subscription after the user will have the stickiness on your website, this is more conducive to the optimization of the blog.