Optimization of plastic ?

there are many websites that website advertising is not belong to a part of website content, in fact, this idea is wrong. Because advertising is the most direct tell users you want to express information than text on the high efficiency. The quality that we ignore the content of the article? So the quality should be more important. Because if we do search engine ranking, through the keywords to guide users to come over, they enter our website content also read our advertising content. So it Why not?

three: advertising website using the

I said here network promotion is not just the hair of the chain, but to write nutrition >

believes that most of my friends have seen a lot of Shanghai Longfeng paper, teach us how to do, how to do the chain. Those are universal, we say today is shaping how to optimize the website content, of course is the core content of creative. We also mention now shaping websites are mostly the same, so how do we do the same, so is the content of the creative. For example, comparison website is now is the lack of plastic surgery expert plastic surgeons exclusive blog notes. When the two not only belongs to the content of the creative ideas and website. Because I have no people, I have excellent people, this part of the weight gain or user interaction is helpful for website development.

station optimization is different from other sites, some superficial experience and this is my half optimization and shaping station. At the beginning I thought optimization plastic and other industries station sites, but more in-depth study found that shaping the crowd found the difference is still very large. Due to the rapid rise of domestic plastic industry, the large area of the site such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like quickly occupied the search engine home, especially the capital city. We will search a city of plastic surgery hospital from the first to tenth, we can easily find their layout and content of the same, which can let many webmaster have the touch of sadness. How to optimize our own shaping website, different from the peer sites is what we are going to talk about the content.

two: the optimization of the content, creativity is the core of

system itself

when a user enters our site, how to let them remember that our website is the primary task. Because the industry competition is relatively intense, such as the site layout as long as peers feel good, it will immediately account for their own use, this phenomenon has been almost normal, people’s awareness of copyright problems seem to forget. Therefore, the layout has not any user interest, what is the user in psychology? We must study how? Is through the data, and the thermodynamic diagram as reference. This is what I said first.

four: network promotion also missed

: go to the surface profile of the principle, we must first know the user psychology