asked: the site came right or be K

A: first of all, the search engines do not owe you what. A site is K or drop right, there will be other websites or web page ranking. The search engine is about user experience, rather than the Shanghai dragon.

two, Zac teacher to Shanghai Longfeng and other issues related to the view of

Zac teacher in a television editor, came into contact with the search engine rankings, time is 2002. Compared with the national level teacher began in 2000 ranked in the Alibaba website, Zac teacher or slightly later. I have to admire these two predecessors attitude. A Chinese Shanghai Longfeng knowledge popularization has made outstanding contributions, the other one makes system, all from the common sense with rigorous data speak.

second, the future of Shanghai Longfeng spent in skill or the technical level of the energy proportion will be less and less, Shanghai dragon is more flowers on top of the user experience. Zac teacher for many Links exchange, operation method of repeat keywords past effect, now mostly counterproductive.

asked, several major domestic search engine optimization

. The site is K or drop right is not what to complain about. Shanghai dragon ER in optimizing a website, you should pay for the grey hat or black hat tactics. If a site is K Zac, the teacher’s advice is to do a new.


Zac the teacher first modest share professional reading his university, knowledge, engaged in the occupation after graduation, and how to contact the Shanghai dragon industry. Zac teacher is sincere, his original intention is to do a website from the Internet gold rush. Each point of early advertising, also did some garbage station.


asked: how to adapt to the Shanghai dragon ER change the search engine algorithm. What is the optimal point in the future focus of Shanghai dragon


and Zac share


Chinese in Shanghai Longfeng field, the name of the Zac is so bright, I do not want more ink to do this. I believe that Zac’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" moistens many Chinese Shanghai dragon er. I originally bought this book, treasure, within three days of this book will be very hard to read two times, and made a lot of notes, like back to the student. Nonsense not say, below to record and share the core content of the interview.

is the theme of this interview: "Shanghai dragon you old? We are old!". But the topic of the interview is not limited to this. Time back to October 22, 2012 7 points Monday night, Albert Ge Ya Ya channel of fewer than 70 people, but by 9, the number of instantly soared to 1200, the peak even reached 1500. The last time the speed transit network held: "only Wang Tong mountain" the number of 800 people, almost doubled, which shows the influence of extraordinary.