wrote in the teacher closed due to the first 2 points of light in front, close understanding by analysis of the causes of light-years forum closed light-years (a), the author then said to the reasons for the closure of a little rest and you understand it, after all, the forum also accompanied by the growth of light years too long, this is too deep feelings.



in Shanghai Longfeng environment now impetuous, make their own Shanghai Dragon technology that day, really is not easy, after all, Shanghai Dragon technology is not everyone wants to see now, the depth of the Shanghai Dragon technology are associated with the various test, remember in the light forum, about noble baby GSA, there are a lot of people to download, and then makes a detailed analysis for the index of keywords, and then get the experience, it is a meaningful thing for Shanghai dragon, but with the development of the forum, this has slowly become less, if the light to give us a good point to the case. What about the practice of maintenance should be our own business, while Taobao, light invitation code below

invitation code is a way of registration of light years, but light hot even Taobao can participate in the forum is actually wanted us to maintain intentions, you invite people certainly hope to get knowledge, rather than to the chain and to.

third: "forum post operation since the quality improvement is not high. The mainstream of the Shanghai dragon no further development of

mainstream Shanghai Dragon technology development, in many forums, this in-depth analysis types of Shanghai dragon, has slowly lost down, once the Shanghai Earth Dragon, do not know how many people know that the inside of the video to explain the principle of a lot of Shanghai dragon is introduced, and analysis deeply for themselves search; and sem9, how many people know about it, which also needs to be validated before you can get in, but also a lot of very extensive knowledge, but until now, this in-depth Shanghai Dragon technology, there are few forums can do.

meet the eye everywhere.

a feeling to open up our webmaster heart, I believe that this is a lot of forum and even many blogs are like this, to improve the quality of the content is not high, unable to get more people to look into, after this now extends to see an article, think this is to copy and paste here where, or that it is one of the important posts at speak generally, it does not mean, this situation has spread in Shanghai dragon forum for a long time, but it is inevitable, because the webmaster to link to attract spiders, will naturally copy paste articles to add to the source address link, or say in order to promote their own signature, with signature only link. See this forum posts, it is really no Nike, hope to have good content, but can not find a better way to guide, forum of the status quo.