The A large area of 1 )Conclusion:

pulled reason:

for the above several reasons with the Internet they said is completely different, the measures taken is also very simple, as long as the time tested on OK!

2, the frequent replacement of website;

2, updated every day, updated every day not less than 40, but also to human flesh update, do not use. The results you will know, a little hard is worth it.

3, the frequent replacement of title;

During the

3, the appropriate site internal optimization. (this is online for information, the content is too much, a few words that is not clear.

Take measures to:

save the premise:

1, stable site layout, do not think that he is a technician, love how I tell you, many search engines think you this station is not reliable, the results would be counterproductive.

website is love Shanghai "feathers", included page stay around two hundred pages, home still. (if a friend site is k light, it only again.

is to share my experience with you, help those who are still confused in the K station, the webmaster friends, hope can bring them some inspiration.

, the site within a short time revision;

)What is the cause of the K

my site from the beginning of "pulling" to restore normal took about three months, did not give up has persevered. When asked a friend, the friend said, the normal cycle phenomenon, this phenomenon I think is love Shanghai for a test station, can stand the test of the station is a station, Shanghai will be more love love.

4, to cater to the optimization strategy, the dynamic pages all static pages to survive. (because it is late and the static and dynamic program, the survival is not removed, this may mislead search spider, because Shanghai does not repeat the search page of love. In the short term this change more harm and benefit, long perspective, as long as the spider find rules, that will do more harm than good, my website is now basically stabilized, the spider should be used, everyone interested can site:[url]www.dsaiyin贵族宝贝[/url] now contains all static pages.


update does not mean that the content can obtain the result, you update how many search engine will be how much you included, you may have to update, search engines will pull your hair, in this situation, don’t worry, belongs to the normal phenomenon. At least you update the spider climb over some new things, don’t let it go, may have grabbed in the buffer, day time is ripe to put out all that there is in you update the content, the station is in maintenance, not an abandoned baby. The spider every day "