Shanghai dragon must.

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4. other auxiliary means.

fine, summed up the following Jill that causes stagnation of blog snapshot, regardless of right or wrong, just want to write for that, of course, also want to have expert advice.

3. update the content of dispersion.

Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, this was not enough to clean the son, to my little Bo, later insisted that

here, Jill also beginners a little advice: just before the blog is fully formed, should not be submitted to the search engine, wait until all the page layout, keywords are defined, and then submitted to a search engine. Perhaps, for the majority of Shanghai Phoenix veteran who has no problem.

may be the cause of the dry line, always want to make a blog ranking, but it did not love Shanghai every day. The ranking is not to say, now the basic snapshot also stagnated in 2010 years, Jill in the eyes, anxious heart.

from a blog to now, her son had a massive change page pattern, simplify address connection. This paper leads to a lot of love now Shanghai contains all 404. also have small changes a few keywords and description, although some people say that this is not important, but that it should be clean son is one of the reasons.

This blog The lack of

Jill do, originally wanted to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, mainly on the network marketing promotion, the two words on the Qingdao Shanghai dragon. But then written, something before the summary will find nothing to write, after all, their own in this line just a few months time, no experience, no direction, the article written will not have anything to write about. First the blog to record their first idea of living and constantly emerge and harassment, blog content more and more life, and the keyword of the website network marketing, Qingdao Shanghai dragon more and more do not take sides. I think this should be a reason.

1. blog changes.

blog built to now, Jill in the beginning and altogether heat, not a few days, the reqingjin down, hands are lazy, head also lazy, always want to write what, but too lazy to think, do not bother, resulting in blog update has not been timely, sometimes a few days better. Sometimes there are several days no more a.

long ago, want to make a blog of my own, the first original idea is to express their feelings in the above record, clean the little drops of life. After graduation, the accidentally broke into the half of IT workers in the industry, the surrounding environment, plus before the age of blogs get everything, so Jill to get rid of the got such a small place, to learn, to express, to record.

2. update frequency is low.