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generally make a separate foreign trade website time is relatively long, so there are a lot of people is to optimize the use of nobility baby station group technology, station group technology can make the site interaction to form a plastic, so often can achieve good results, but the station group operations team may accidentally make your site is down right, because the baby’s noble love Shanghai is better than intelligent detection. Xiaobian that stand swarm optimization should pay attention to these points: 1.IP not the same address segment, space station group is taking apart multiple regions, IP address must be two parts, choose the space combination of foreign website space and Hongkong, let baby recognize it noble. The two is the site between the link does not pay attention to moderate, because all of the station link pages and links to alternate. 3. for the different contents of different content website, keywords may not be all the same, it is best to different industry keywords.

The construction of a more diversified, the chain of

since May this year, nobility baby Penguin 2 update since the construction of the external links to more diversified task at present. If only do home connection, or the inside pages of some pages accounted for much more special, may lead to Google’s punishment, so the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng Er have to be sure to pay attention to the quality and speed of external links. In addition to enter the link page to diversify outside, as external links and page resource site should take into account the diversity and universality. There are signs of violation and down the right site nor the construction of the chain there.

two, do foreign trade websites, websites should be right down

Friendship even the role of the chain

four, to avoid the site included unstable

three, noble baby optimization is still relatively high

from the Internet industry development up to now, the Internet world has been born of a legend, the rapid development of e-commerce has created the huge wealth effect, more and more people do e-commerce now, there are a lot of people love to do e-commerce in China, there are a lot of people love to do foreign trade marketing website, the following Xiaobian talk about foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques. The optimization of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng mainly noble baby, as we do when the site of Shanghai dragon will pay attention to the optimization rules of noble baby.

noble baby like love Shanghai, noble baby is still relatively high degree of attention in the connection of friendship, friends of the chain of the noble baby detection technology is also very good, but better than the love of Shanghai, if the station is the friends of the chain, the weight transfer effect is better. Of course, you can find friends exchange website, but after all, foreign friends are not many, if really can not find to buy the chain, we know that in addition to the entirestation type chain, can also do some outside the chain, the chain is generally in connection oriented, chain text may not what effect, so we do when the chain should be chosen to do.