bless Shanghai dragon forum light-years! Hope to some day in the future open! This article from the eyes in the treatment of myopia in children 贵族宝贝 Lu Shun original, want to respect the results of the work of author, please keep, thank you.

call this webmaster friends, making less waste of the chain, the forum outside the chain do more, will only make your site more dangerous, why now do a lot of Shanghai dragon could not find the direction of the chain, the more fat, website ranking dropped more quickly, the quality is not ah, recommend study of Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking, the chain + simple update time has passed, not to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. We take the site of the analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction, and constantly expand the thinking, there are many ways to promote, not only is Shanghai dragon, there are many other ways of promotion can do.

Why is


so close in Shanghai Longfeng light-years teacher forum? Personally, because Shanghai dragon circles now has been the emergence of a morbid extreme, many people thought was very limited, did not want to plan their own station what is the purpose, purely for the Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon Phoenix, made out of something is to love Shanghai search engine, rather than for the user to read every day, repeated to reply to the forum, the hair of the chain, so as to create a lot of garbage outside the chain in every corner of the Internet, so in the teacher closed the forum for do not want to go to the Internet to increase a spam place.

we do what is the purpose of the station, in order to make money, when we can make millions, tens of millions? When you earn one thousand dollars to ask ourselves when I can earn two thousand, ask yourself when you can earn two thousand million, the desire will own unlimited potential to stimulate, when you earn millions, you have found the money does not make money and there is a fine line, but you’re on the side of the window, another you stand on the other side of the window, when you walk past you discovered that he had found a way to make money million, but you don’t have to take that step, a change of thinking maybe, you opened the window.

just saw a message: "Shanghai dragon forum is in light teacher created recently, in the teacher announced the closure of Shanghai Longfeng light forum. The reason is that don’t want to go to the Internet to add a spam place". I think, this spirit is worth learning. Light years forum is saved many classic post, has been advocated in Shanghai Longfeng science teacher do many students also wrote many classic articles in this forum. The value of the forum I will not comment, I believe we all know.