second, the content of the page can not be replaced and correlation. We want to improve the home page for the search engine weight, must be no I have, people have my core idea of fine running through them, the industry’s core focus of information is a concrete manifestation of the full range of shape to the user or the most valuable news and information, and other sites can’t do or not do something to send out for example, for example, related products your company get the authority of the state agencies certificate or your company has been awarded the provincial and municipal leaders visited and what is its title and so on, these reflect the content of the enterprise in the process of construction site authority and attract users concerned. Secondly, correlation factors. The correlation factors of this relatively simple, we’d better classified and published in the relevant sections and list some news with the similar plate or something similar, this process is not only reflected in the relationship between information and page theme is consistent, is also reflected in the site between the columns and columns between pages and pages, further links and the friendship connection between etc.. We are in process planning and construction site will these factors into account, to the point of each site in the station outside the station and in the process of maintenance and optimization of the.

first, the timeliness of the page. This is easy to understand, is our common sense that whether they have the latest information and advice, specific performance is whether the regularly updated, fresh content provided to the users and search engines. These include not only consulting the latest products and information, and the Internet industry contains the hottest topic and social topics, and pave the way for the expansion at the appropriate site plate, increase our home page content updates and provides news topics in the hot industry or society to the user, let us home like a restless night the River is always back to our users and search engines with the most fresh things, this is the best way to reflect the timeliness of the home page.

as everyone knows we are optimizing, and operation process of Web site home page is the site of the highest page weight, is the best first impression to the user performance page, how will our home to be more valuable? Let it become a real weight can help us to enhance the overall brand influence and weight is our problem all operators have to face and consider, before we begin to talk about what is the page value, the author thinks that the search engine evaluation on each page of the overall value, referred to as the value of the page. Understand the concept, the author continued good gossip short, today to talk about the main factors affecting the website home page value analysis.

third, the quality of website home page. This point and the second point is somewhat similar, but I think this reflects the more widely. First of all, the stability of the site and open the speed of the web page, and the stability of the site open speed not only affect the user experience indirectly also influence the website for Search Guide >