For example,

web site, simply by the introduction of traffic forum signature as target site is to some local forum, forum or leisure area sends a group of beautiful pictures, with the following text briefly, and then in the end add is "if you want to see more pictures, please click to enter the character signature the words".

, not all signatures are regarded as cheating

forum to promote a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er is to increase the chain for the purpose of quantitative change will cause qualitative change, as long as the site outside the chain to reach a certain number, the weight of the website and ranking will be a qualitative change. This >

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three, can guide the flow of

note that no matter what set the forum signature format, try to avoid doing meaningless reply in the forum, because this meaningless reply, sooner or later will bring disaster to the site.

forum signature in addition to being a chain means, more or a member of personal information, the basic situation of the understanding of the channels. When the content of the Post issued by the people you are interested in, want to do further understanding, generally is the first time to find information from your forum signature. So we must post, and the content of the website promotion goals fit, if it is to do wholesale clothing, hair type webmaster articles, even if there is no such link was convicted of cheating in the chain, the website promotion is meaningless.

two, guide the search engines crawl web content

LEE released in Shanghai, the owners love a "chain" judgment article, about BBS signature is a kind of cheating in the chain of them, followed by the A5 forum in May 3rd to cancel the signature, this wave of things let the webmaster heart innumerable mark, in the end the forum signature of website promotion there is no effect? Personally, BBS signature or have a certain effect on website promotion.

love Shanghai station "on the chain", the paper points out that the judge "join the hyperlink and use anchor to cheat in the forum personal signature, speak several times in the Forum (whether or not meaningful), each statement has with hyperlink content." As the chain of cheating. The sentence means that BBS signature using the anchor text links to the promotion of the target site is cheating in the chain, so when we set the signature in the forum can be set with keywords or keywords hyperlinks with pure text links in this format, so you can avoid the chain BBS signature into cheating in this embarrassing situation.

forum signature links cannot be site transfer weight, but the forum signature links can guide the search engine grab promotion target site, this is the forum signature links one. So in the correct operation of forum signature link case (not considered cheating for the chain), can be included to improve the speed of promotion target web content to a certain extent, increase the number included.