it is understood that in the field of digital advertising, Google is facing the competition of Facebook and Twitter. Currently, Google is expanding services, better coverage of mobile end users. Market research firm eMarketer estimates that this year, Google’s share of the mobile advertising market will be 35%, 38% lower than in 2014. (Aruhan)

Dischler said the new advertising is search tool for cars, car dealerships and mortgage customers, is designed, touch sliding operation that advertising is suitable for intelligent machine, instead of PC on mouse click. Google had been in product, hotels, flights and insurance fields launched a similar advertising tool.

mobile device compresses the keyword advertising space. Moreover, compared to web browsers, mobile users will be more time for special applications.

[TechWeb] reported on May 6th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Google search advertising vice president Jerry Dischler said on Tuesday that Google search volume more than PC in the mobile 10 countries such as the US and japan.

this trend prompted Google to make a major adjustment in the search advertising business. Google’s advertising business is based on the user input in the search engine keyword advertising.

Dischler said, Google search volume more than PC mobile devices in 10 countries, including the United States and japan. But he declined to disclose the change of time and 8 other countries.

The small size of the screen

Google mobile search volume in China this year is expected to 10 PC mobile advertising market share of 35%