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website was completed, at this time, we will see the launch of the 360 advertising alliance advertising project and what, see the menu, I see, a search box is a management, is a management code, the search box is the personal website built-in search, code is the personal website place the ad code, in order to achieve advertising display effect. Picture:

today we look at 360 ad combat process.

webmaster friends all know, your website or blog, want to hang advertising area, will first advantage choose love Shanghai Union, Google Union, Ali mother Alliance (now Taobao customer), Sogou alliance and so on, in addition to these alliance platform Ali mother alliance, the alliance was divided into other click billing, for the individual webmaster, earn some advertising, is relatively easy, now 360 advertising alliance (i.e. good search advertising) has been officially launched, Illinois network blog also released on-line news "[360] Wangzhuan owners online advertising alliance", but how to apply for? What are the specific process. What are the 360, advertising alliance advertising project

is built on the premise of application has 360 accounts, with the previous 360 accounts can be generic, here is just additional information.

In fact, the How to apply for a

account application process is very simple, now need to email and mobile phone number you can apply for a mobile phone number will need to accept a verification code for pictures:


from the figure can know that this is the site requirements must be validated, the record is no..

search box is not much, so we have to look at the code management what are the options through the open code management, we can see: the type of code only text chain and tag cloud two, and only a few ad size 5, is not the custom. Specific pictures: >

two, add the site to

three, 360 advertising alliance advertising project

is the most important: after the end of these applications, still need to wait for the audit, the audit due to long, just start the application, 360 Illinois network advertising alliance is just beginning to open the line, no one knows how to audit through the audit, after that, I’ll back up these.

: add in other website management inside the website is to limit the number of the beginning I applied the first station, is written, can add up to 5 sites.

webmaster all know, apply for the alliance account is very simple, the next step is to add your own web site, in order to obtain the ad code, add to your web site, advertising display, the user clicks, in order to accumulate costs, in order to obtain advertising, then add website process, here is a screenshot, you look at the picture:

, 360 advertising alliance