website has been done by the site, space and FTP account permissions is dominated by Internet companies, doing some related operations, no space authority is very troublesome, want to change a little, to send the site personnel to operate multiple several times within a day, the site of the company directly you don’t bird you, because the site renewal space is a one-time full payment. The optimization of the site later, as long as the site can, can be a normal visit, the site will think the site is no problem, but not your optimization is good, ranking can not go up. If you encounter what problem, then called Dad called Niang site do not care about you.

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site space and FTP permissions do not provide to the business enterprise, said there is no room for this mostly account password, the site of the company’s repertoire, and the site of the company if the routine, to give space and FTP space rights expire, companies will move and enterprise website program, can not always stick with the company cooperation.

1, many companies do not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, direct call station companies do a can open the site on the line, and this is not conducive to Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and use the money to do the bidding.

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took over the site, the domain name of the website has been 10 years, weight only 0, included 1350, included page page is full of garbage, is a mess of the navigation directly, the other included page, the title of the site 80%, is a title. All paths are very long, the search engine with the grab, there is no way to make the page 404. The worst is the title of the website is a unified call, because our products are more types for the website title with the unified call, there is no way to put keywords optimization. Several times to communicate with the site, no result, no way, because the space has not expired, can only bite the bullet, to do some basic optimization and text.

3, if you do not cooperate with the site, the site will not give you to the site. On your website.



is to achieve their own website optimization effect, suggestions don’t call the site of the company website, you learn to build, start from the site, do a website to the search engine grab. Here is my problem in the optimization of the site, for your reference, a purely personal opinion, do not like do not spray.

after six months, the site there is a little effect, 100 less than the love of Shanghai keywords, long tail keywords 70. The weight also rose to 1, the site is looking to the right direction. With the signing of the site of the company is due to expire next year in space. The site of the company business arrangements come talk space renewal, space charge he gives is 12000. renewal of three years we have not scared? A corporate website space, according to the current site in Western digital space memory, also 500 yuan. Why the site will open the expensive price of