a lot of business customers are gradually aware of the importance of search engine marketing, especially the search engine optimization. However, when the robin on their site to stop when the diagnostic analysis has found that many unreasonable planning for search engine optimization strategy implementation of the layout of the obstacles, such as a large number of the use of FLASH and the dynamic program consciously keen etc..

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2: the lack of online interactive

1: ignore the lively

many enterprise website homepage is propaganda FLASH a large enterprise, doing so well? According to the network status at home, such a large FLASH Download all the end of general needs 10 seconds of time, sometimes even needs more time. Robin had some Internet users access to stop some investigation, they can endure "ordinary open time is 8 seconds, of course, if the page information is very important, they will be willing to spend more time waiting for" complete turn. A FLASH download time is equal to or greater than 10 seconds, and the big local visitors.

3: not conducive to the marketing development of

for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises baobuping, due to some non professional network company seems to have played a trick on their. In my opinion the enterprise website is a serious thing, should seriously look at, and the network company to assist enterprises to establish the website often is not suitable for access. Some corporate customers often find my advice, I hope Robin can help them find the website has not launched its online business to help. I see a lot of consulting enterprise website, found a lot of problems. The following are some of my views:

is a website done, may not be a few months or years have updated information, this is the existence of Robin see the enterprise website phenomenon. Each enterprise will have a lot of hope for visitors to visit their website, and will often visit, but for a long time not update the site how to win the attention of visitors to the enterprise website? Network companies in the planning time should be thinking about the problem, should help them develop a can let visitors understand the latest development of the industry and can acquire knowledge of a column. Remember, each visitor is very curious, if they can catch the curiosity, the site will be very active degree is high, it has considerable assistance to facilitate visitors to purchase rate is.

if you visit a lot of small and medium enterprises website, you will find the customer through the website and enterprise can contact channel is nothing more than three: telephone, e-mail and message of the. While many companies are using the phone and email contact way, as long as a few businesses that enable original and interactive message consulting. Online interactive, direct and clear without many cumbersome operation, greatly reduces the costs of the interaction between both sides, Why not?

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4: do not test the visitor’s patience