first, the website is not out of some space do not, a new station to get a good weight, the beginning of the web space to the selection, the foundation is the cornerstone, especially for new sites, love Shanghai is not to look at your site, if your site isn’t found open, then the next visit does not know what is the time, after all the new attraction is not so big, not so much the chain to lead spider to climb, when you space to maintain good, but wait for the next spider to visit, this is what we need to consider the factors, to take into account the spider crawling number, a new station, certainly the first crawl frequency is not high, so, we must cherish every opportunity to crawl, stable space is to protect the situation.

again, site procedures, in site procedures, there are many programs can make a great deal of repeat page, this page is usually achieved by parameters, so the procedure must ensure that a page with only one URL, when a page corresponding to a lot of URL, the spider will carry back. Then an analysis of a page, found the situation, so that repeat your website, likely to cheat on the search engine in the beginning there may be, so you can not explain, only is included in time, avoid this kind of situation, some of the veto eat, like, do not let it included, only the quality assurance page.

finally, the content of the website to add regular >

second, Web links do not form air links, even 404 pages; on our website, because new sites, may have a lot of friends did not have a good debugging line, can debug; my advice is don’t do this, extremely easy to cause the website appears empty links. Before the line must use tools hold on site is empty link, if there is a mistake on your site link, if empty links found in the beginning of crawling, 404 page links, and so on, I believe that the search engine’s impression is certainly not high, the impression is that we need to maintain the empty place, links must be avoided. Generally speaking, the first time to visit your site will conduct a comprehensive scan through your link to your link, this in the beginning will establish a good site map can effectively guide the spider crawling, let his crawling become more regular, and not on a page to and fro the climb, and waste of resources, thereby reducing the chance of that page.

for the newly built website, hope fast search engine, and get a good ranking is always very eager, here, said a new search engine love, and quickly give five factor weights, these points, it is my own through its own website to summarize, after all, if the same is the new words, do the following points, I believe that the site will grow quickly.