such sites can be seen as a niche market occupation. The pool is not large, but the inside of the fish website is not small, because this is only a big fish pond. Your site is this? If you can easily find your site and similar sites, so it is difficult to count on Adsense money. A good website, can have considerable income.

      expert, always hiding in the corner of the amount of money.

      the higher the PR value of the site. Usually can reach 4 is the best site, 5 to reach very good, more than 6 basically is a leader in the field. I guess the Adsense will turn PR into consideration. Refer to the following website PR value:

if you’re a grass root, cold start is important,

why can I quickly and accurately attract fans in a short time,


finally, be sure to have a sense of data and a sense of evaluation. I counted 1 yuan at that time

      a page plus advertising, want to know the user experience? Users will immediately shut down your site, never back. Oh

3, excellent web design

      the first prerequisite for money the others I use this MJJ for

you need to know what features a typical plastic user has and what they love. I will initially target the hundreds of young model who, because this is the most typical plastic group. I pay attention to the topics they discuss and the accounts they pay attention to. What about the content and style of those accounts?. So, through the summary, "plastic guide" style that is positioned out: a cool and strong acid, subtly malicious account.

when I was more beautiful, I started a micro-blog account called "plastic surgery guide", sharing and answering information about plastic surgery every day. After running for some time, they have accumulated about 50 thousand fans, who later converted into more beautiful APP’s first angel users.

first, test how much you know your target audience.

      shlf1314 RMB may do a monthly income of ten thousand Union until now many MJJ don’t believe

      1, in certain segments leading website

statement, I am not an expert.

I suggest that you have the idea to first use low-cost ways, small range of trial and error, if you get market recognition, with a certain data base, and then full-time to do so, it will greatly increase in financing and recruitment.

entrepreneur Liu Di believes that, for grassroots entrepreneurs, in addition to full of passion, the most needed is a cool head and a good control of the start-up company gene. "Suggest that you have the idea, first low-cost approach, a small range of trial and error, if you get market recognition, with a certain data base, and then full-time to do so, it will greatly increase in financing and recruitment."  

knows what you need to do, just the first step, and the second test is execution. I’m good at writing from childhood, not because I’m really creative, but rather I can imitate. Let me write Jin Yong style, Gulong style, I can easily operate. So the "plastic guide" as the young model on account, a little bit of imitation, makeup, rubbing out of taste.

      =6 laggards, NetEase =7, admin5=6, DoNews = 6, Hao123 = 6, sh419 =7, WebmasterWorld=8
      PR address http://s.tool.admin5/grade.html recommendation query great website

for grassroots entrepreneurship, the first thing I want to share with you is that cold start is very important. When you have an idea in your head, don’t rush to quit, because the idea needs to be validated by action. I have seen too many people interested in working together on a full-time venture, but things do fast, die fast, and had to go back to the big company to work.



      so I can push: most web site, picture resources station, station, entertainment station Adsense price will be very low. Because too similar, even if you are a dragon fish hybrid, it is difficult to talent shows itself.

      2, the PR value to high

      conclusion type PR  website layout >;

third, accounts need burst, not mediocre operations. We used a month time to experiment 20-30 scripts, small range of market launch, with the same account number, the same time point, compare the level of the transfer rate. Finally, choose one of the best performances. Concentrate all your money and put it on a wide scale. With so many 1-2 hits, your first angel users have accumulated.