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the fact that the vast majority of Internet successful entrepreneurs, the biggest secret is that they chose the right direction. Wangzhuan the correct direction is the decisive factor of whether the webmaster can earn money, the current Wangzhuan method generally includes: CPA, CPC, CPS such advertising alliance, Witkey task class Wangzhuan, questionnaire, check e-mail, pull off the assembly line, selling products, selling services, selling ads.

two spirit Wangzhuan successful

1, the spirit of sharing

Wangzhuan success 123


> > > UBER; China formally bid farewell to Chinese market

is the webmaster to a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, else I don’t say that, you make a league class website, daily flow, PV is also very high, but it is not to make money, advertising click rate is raised not up, do you want to give up? NO of course, only continuous testing, Testing >

why is the spirit of sharing, because, whether you are selling products or services sold, or alliance, your site must be valuable for the visitors, you do the mission must be to help visitors solve a class of problems, the only way to the site to retain visitors, only talk about transformation, only it was possible to make money. Just imagine, what visitors are willing to stay in a full of pop, no value or the high sales of advertising on the page. So, if you are willing to share, willing to know, there will be visitors but it is difficult to search the knowledge of products on the Internet, sharing even sharing to visitors, even if he did not buy, maybe one day in the future may become your customers.

network seems never to stop.

I will Wangzhuan success in a direction of + two spirit + three essential skills, defined as successful Wangzhuan 123 mode.

What is the

November 27th, the old version of the excellent Chinese client and excellent driver client from the AppStore shelves. From 23 onwards, many Uber drivers have received "welcome to join the" big family "message", and "drip" of the new version of the application, but also to " UBER China " become history.

according to the twenty / eighty rule, 80% of the wealth in the hands of 20% most people will make money in hand, Wangzhuan is the same, 20% owners make Wangzhuan circle 80% money, while the other 80% owners even have their own space, you have to earn. Not 20% Money Master Internet wealth a secret channel webmaster don’t know, but they have mastered 123 successful Wangzhuan mode.

"C die", such as spells plagued the start-up companies generally. Maybe you yesterday also unlimited scenery, today is the "burn" were a.

I think, for will be ready to do business as Wangzhuan station is concerned, it is the right way to sell products. Because, as long as you choose the products products, sold out, the money that you sell and service design; many intermediate links, customer service is the most complicated and most difficult, customer service service period is relatively long, relatively retainage is difficult to collect; again said to sell advertising, only you the station has become the industry benchmark, the ranking is stable enough, the brand is strong enough, the browsing index can lead to sufficiently attractive to advertisers, and such website by personal webmaster to do difficult, more suitable for the operation of the team.

O2O seems to have been declining, "run out of ammunition and food supplies automotive service". Under the cold winter, the venture capital media does not comment on "delicious 77" or "magic department store", but also like lost people. How good is it to survive,

January 2016, UBER CEO announced China Karan Nick UBERB round of financing has to be completed before the end of 2015, at the same time, Kalanick also said that Uber has been in Chinese >


a direction Wangzhuan successful

had to admit, the media said, "UBER China" officially ended, not too much. Three years, in such a quiet way to finish, but also really make people sigh. This also marks the "back and forth" network of about car market, waste subsidies model for the temporary end.

net about car market

2, adhere to the spirit of

produces is not driven by greed, but by fear.

Abstract: at present, VR is still in the development stage, hardware devices need to research and development, VR content industry standards also need, both of which must be the depth of running, but the process also need how long, I’m afraid not who can give a positive answer.

February 2014, Uber officially entered the Chinese market. When the drops and quick in full swing, the following year in February, with two on Valentine’s day, which drops travel, occupy Chinese car market dominant position. The UBER with the three city team "open city" style, innovative marketing tools and the "subsidy wars", successfully opened the hole in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, orders and other places in Beijing, once in the global Uber market in the top five.

in the venture capital industry, known as the "angel investment, A round of investment products, B data, C wheel wheel model". But in fact, even if the C round of financing, the business model is not difficult to escape. According to the statistics of 2015 Phoenix finance summit, from A’s B round of financing, about 60% of the companies will die; and from B C’s turn round, and will be out of nearly 70%, that is to say, from A C’s turn round, probably survived less than 12% projects.